CHAPTER-1:1:14 (NEW SETTLERS)-DAY-14       

     Eli and Ami Jankowsky were bot up early and headed over to Garden House to use the washrooms there and eat breakfast before having to get to work on harvesting some produce.It was being done so they could make sure their house got finished and ready for them to move in and live there.
    They both got to work in the garden area of Garden House and began harvesting the produce for sale at the grocery store later and they hoped to visit the summer festival before fall arrived.They both knew that fall was just a few very short days away and it would begin getting cold at nights soon.
    Eli and Ami kept working on harvesting the produce for most of the day and didn't want to stop until later in the afternoon when they'd be finished in the garden anyways.They eventually were finished and had to stop to use the washrooms and get going to sell their produce at the store and possibly stop at the festival.
    Eli and Ami both ended up at the festival at 6PM and were starving so they decided to enter the hot dog eating contest and were joined by a ten year old babysitter who arrived to take care of untended babies or toddlers.Eli wolfed the hot dogs down so fast she ended up winning the contest.
    They felt that the platter of hot dogs would help a lot when they were settling into their house though they had to get them into the fridge when they got to their lot.It was 7PM when they finished the contest and it had started to get late enough to start to get home and make sure they were ready for bed.
    They got home by 7:30 and Eli had to stop at Garden House to use the washroom before going to sleep in the tent.


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