CHAPTER-1:1:16 (NEW SETTLERS) -DAY-16        

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up so early on that Monday morning which was also the first day of fall that it was still fully dark outside when they started getting ready for the day.It was so cold outside that the ground got covered with frost and they were already starting to get their newly-built house set up and ready for them to live there full time.They got the kitchen,eating area and washroom all set up and ready for regular use.
    They also had to fix the trash bin after getting everything set up in the house.It was still very early after getting the work done and they decided to get over to Garden House after changing  for fall.
    Eli and Ami got to Garden House and decided to play chess for a while as the sun started to rise for the day.They felt like having fun with chess and it would keep them busy for at least a few hours until it was full daylight.
    They both felt that it was easier to prepare for the coming winter with the new situation they were in after immigrating and settling down in Oak Leaf unlike the old lives where they might not even have a home and might not have any money to stock up on food.They had both seen that there was another house right near the local grave yard which meant they might be getting new neighbors soon.
     They both eventually decided to stop playing chess because it had warmed up outside.They wanted to get some dumpster diving done before having to get ready for their first day at work in their new jobs at the grocery store.
     It was early in the afternoon when they had to use the washrooms there at Garden House to get ready for work.They were cleaned up and ready for lunch by 2PM and took the time to eat their lunch before they'd have to leave for work.They both  wanted to make sure they'd left by 3PM and arrived at work on time so they wouldn't get into trouble for being late for work. 
    The new neighbors arrived at 4PM on the Monday still dressed like it was summer because they'd been traveling out west for most of the summer to get to their new home.Tanner Ivanovitch was twelve years old and married to twelve year old Tracy who got her last name when he married her.
    Their old lives in Russia had been so hard with poverty that they'd made a desperate journey to the western part of Europe to get passage to North America to settle out west in a new town as pioneers and they'd be living in the Dakota Territory which would become South Dakota one day in later years like the start of the coming century.
    They both spent some time studying skills like Tanner playing chess on her computer while Tracy started trying to learn to cook.It ended up getting dark out while they studied and they were getting tired from their hectic day.They each claimed a sleeping bag and got ready to get to sleep by 8:30 in the evening though they had gone to the graveyard to apply for part-time jobs.


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