CHAPTER-1:1:17 (NEW SETTLERS) -DAY-17             

    Eli and Ami Jankowsky were both up fairly early on that Tuesday morning in early fall in 1845.They both got ready for the day quickly with using the washroom in turns and eating breakfast.It was cold with frost on the ground when they got up in the morning and they hoped it would thaw out later on.
    They both ended up heading to Garden House to spend some time playing chess since they didn't own a chess table at home and didn't have room for one even if they could afford it.They ended up playing chess until it was time to get themselves ready for work.They both had to stop to use washrooms and eat.
   They had ended up having to leave for work earlier without eating and ended up coming home starving at 7PM so they decided to eat leftovers for dinner and failed to notice the food they ate had gone bad.They just ate the food because they were too tired to cook new meals and wanted to get to bed.
    It was already 8PM when they finished eating and washing up the dishes to get to bed.They ended up using sleeping bags because they still had to finish the house before getting a bed.


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